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Super Absorbent Doggy Bag ®

Traps Water, Sand & Mud, Leaving your Dog AND Your Car Clean & Dry!

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Why Doggy Bag?

Super Absorbant

They don’t just absorb ten times more water, but traps the sand and mud too!


Leave it in the car, zip your pooch up and your best friend will be dry before you get home!


Made from a premium heavy duty microfibre material, makes it more durable and longer lasting than a cotton towel.


Superabsorbent Doggy Bag® keeps your pet, car and home spotless after a walk.

What Do Our Customers Say?

Love my “Doggy Bag” and I wouldn’t be without it

I currently compete in retrieving trials with my golden retriever Rebel. During the trials & also during training we frequently do water work in dams, creeks, rivers, etc. Therefore Rebel is continually getting wet & dirty. I used to carry a lot of towels in the car to dry him off. By the end of the day or the weekend I would have a pile of wet smelly towels to take home and wash. Since buying my “Doggy Bag” I no longer need a pile of towels and I no longer have all that washing. My process at the completion of the water work is to allow Rebel to shake off the huge amount of water on him, let him run around for 1 to 2 minutes to generate some body heat, I then put him in the Doggy Bag, give him a good rub over, leave him in it for a few minutes, then Rebel is clean and dry. I then hang the Doggy Bag out to dry in the breeze and we are ready to do it all again. Love my “Doggy Bag” and I wouldn’t be without it.

Ray Temple

Happy Doggy Bag Customer

So impressed that I have also bought another bag for a friend as a gift

Originally I bought my Doggy Bag to support a friend but I really didn’t see how they would work. Well I still don’t know exactly how it works but my baby border collie is a “water baby” but combines the water with mud. The first time I used the Doggy Bag I zipped a muddy, dirty, wet and protesting dog into the bag and once in the bag could not go anywhere so I was in complete control and rubbed then unzipped the bag to magically find a dry clean dog who was no longer protesting. I only wish I had two pairs of hands and a camera so I could have taken a before and after shot. This dog no longer protests about getting in the bag but simply stands in the middle while I Velcro the neck then simply zip, rub and presto like magic out comes my loveable clean dog. Since buying my bag I was so impressed that I have also bought another bag for a friend as a gift.

Carol Domsalla

Happy Doggy Bag Customer

I couldn’t be more pleased with my “Doggy Bag”

I am involved in retrieving trials with my Golden Retrievers. At these trial we always have a water run and it’s usually the last run of the day. It’s difficult to get a Golden dry in cold weather in the middle of winter. Daytime temperatures sometimes in single figures and night time temperatures are in the minuses. Read the information regarding the “Doggy Bag”, heard the sales pitch and immediately bought the bag. Our next trial would be the perfect time to try it out. After her water run Dancer came back wet and luckily not too dirty. I put the open bag onto the ground and had Dancer sit in the middle then followed a few minutes of cuddles, patting and rubbing. I was amazed at how dry she was at the end and the bag still had enough drying power to do a friends flat coat retriever. So quick and easy and fun for the dog. Dancer and I love the “Doggy Bag” – she for the cuddle/play time and me because I no longer have to worry about having a wet, muddy dog in the car overnight. I know she is dry, clean and especially warm. The bag itself dries quickly spread over the car bonnet in the sun – another plus. I couldn’t be more pleased with my “Doggy Bag”.

Lynne Elliott

Happy Doggy Bag Customer

Doggy Bag In Doggy News!

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Does your dog love a dip in the water or rolling in the mud during your outdoor adventures? Are you brave enough to battle the pouring rain for a walk but not so keen on the inevitable shake off as soon as your dog walks in through the front door? If so, this is one dog accessory you won’t want to be without especially on a rainy day!

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